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Upcoming Workshops & Presentations:
  • Calvin University, TBD 2023


  • Faith & Mental Health workshop, University of Notre Dame, April 2023
  • Non-ideal Philosophy of Religion Workshop, Notre Dame & Calvin University, September 2022
  • New Visions in Theological Anthropology workshop, University of St. Andrews, June 2022
  • Princeton-Rutgers Philosophy of Religion Incubator Conference, June 2022
  • Duke University, Summer Seminar in Neuroscience & Philosophy, May 2022
  • Psychopathology & Religious Experience workshop, University of Leeds, April 2022
  • Hillsdale College, March 2022
  • University of Notre Dame, Center for Philosophy of Religion Reading Group, January 2022
Summer Seminars in Neuroscience & Philosophy, Duke University
Recent popular media:
  • "Mental Disorder & Religious Cognition" The Reluctant Theologian podcast interview, 2022

  • "The Over-spiritualization of Mental Disorder" Christian Scholar's Review, 2022 - link
  • "Mental Disorder Transforms Faith" | The Analytic Christian YouTube interview, 2021 - link

  • "Feminism & Philosophy" | She's the Man radio interview, 2021

Templeton Interfaith Workshop, Jordan
Recent popular talks:
  • "Mental Disorder & the Christian Community" Hope Church, 2022
  • "Mental Disorder & the Christian Person"Hope Church, 2022

  • "Mental Disorder and Religion" | Keynote, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Michigan, 2022

  • "How to Understand Mental Disorder & Christianity" | Church of the Savior, 2021

  • "Mental Disorder & Psychological Stability in Christianity” | Calvin Symposium on Worship, 2022

  • "Research Presentation: Mental Disorder & Religious Engagement" National Alliance on Mental Illness, board meeting, 2021

  • "Key Topics in Philosophy of Mind" | HASP organization, 2019

Embodied Religious Experience Workshop, Princeton University
In addition to the talks listed above, I have also given over 40 guest lectures & academic talks at conferences and institutions including: Alabama State University, Calvin University, Hope College, Florida State University, Northwestern University, Rutgers University, Princeton University, University of Ghent, University of Notre Dame, University of Vienna, and Western Theological Seminary. Please reach out if you are interested in discussing potential speaking or writing opportunities!
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