"A Defense of Cognitive Penetration & the Face-Race Lightness Illusion" | Philosophical Psychology (forthcoming)


"Philosophy of Mind” | T&T Clark Encyclopedia of Christian Theology, T&T Clark / Bloomsbury  (forthcoming)

"Adoption, Abortion, and Integrity" | Agency, Pregnancy, and Persons: Essays in Defense of Human Life. Routledge (forthcoming)

“Narrative, Theology, and Philosophy of Religion”Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Religion, Wiley-Blackwell with Joshua W. Seachris (2021)

“Petitionary Prayer: A Philosophical Investigation, by Scott Davison” | Faith and Philosophy 36.3 (2019): 390-395

“Review of Ritualized Faith by Terence Cuneo”Religious Studies Review, Wiley-Blackwell (2019)

“Perception, Cognition, and Prediction” | University of Notre Dame (Dissertation, 2018)

Grants and Awards:

“Psychological Stability in Christian Theology” | Towsley Research Scholars grant ($58,000) 2022-2025
(principal investigator)

“Theories of Mental Disorder, Narrative, & Theology” | Calvin Scholar-Teacher research grant ($17,896) 2022 (principal investigator)

“Scientific and Theological Explanations of Mental Disorder” | Selected participant in SET Foundations seminar, Loyola University / John Templeton Foundation, ($4,000) 2021

“Mental Disorder & Religion” | Blueprint 1543 research grant ($14,644) & Hope College Nyenhuis research grant ($7,488), 2021 (principal investigator) see more about this project

“Symptoms Mental Disorder & Components of Faith” | Hope College Nyenhuis research grant ($7,088), 2020 (principal investigator) see more about this project

“Self-Narrative and the Problem of Evil” | Selected participant in TheoPsych seminar, Fuller Theological Seminary / John Templeton Foundation, ($2,000) 2020

Graduate School Scholarship | Beinecke Foundation ($60,000) 2012-2016

Public Philosophy:

“How to Understand Mental Disorder & Christianity”Church of the Savior, 2021

“Mental Disorder Transforms Faith” | The Analytic Christian YouTube interview, 2021


"The Power of Beliefs" Broken People blog post, 2021


"Trapped in Your Own Story" |  Broken People blog post, 2021


"Feminism & Philosophy" | She's the Man radio interview, 2021


"Hearing Different Voices" | Broken People blog post,  2021


“Key Topics in Philosophy of Mind”HASP organization, 2019


“Embodied Cognition and the Grip of Computationalism” (revise & resubmit - Synthese)

“Mental Disorder, Meaning-making, & Religious Cognition.” (invited submission - TheoLogica)  see more about this project

“Intellectual Disability & Embodied Religious Understanding” | (under review)

“Trapped in Your Own Story: self-narrative, suffering, & faith” draft available upon request - feedback appreciated!

“An Improved Account of Thought Insertion” draft available upon request - feedback appreciated!

“Embodied Religious Concepts” 

Templeton Interfaith Workshop, Jordan
Embodied Religious Experience Workshop, Princeton University
Scientiae Conference, University of Vienna, Austria
History of Philosophy of Science Conference, University of Ghent, Belgium