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Recent Publications:

"Mental Disorder, Meaning-making, & Religious Cognition." TheoLogica (forthcoming) - see more about this project

"A Module on Ethics and Social Implications of Computing for Introductory Engineering Computing Courses." American Society for Engineering Education (forthcoming) with Brooke, O, & Longfield, V. 

"A Defense of Cognitive Penetration & the Face-Race Lightness Illusion." Philosophical Psychology (2022)

"Adoption, Abortion, & Integrity." in Pregnancy and Persons. Routledge (2022)

"Philosophy of Mind." T&T Clark Encyclopedia of Christian Theology. T&T Clark / Bloomsbury (2021)

"Narrative, Theology, and Philosophy of Religion." Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of
Philosophy of Religion. Wiley-Blackwell (2021) with Seachris, J.

"Petitionary Prayer: A Philosophical Investigation, by Scott Davison." Faith and Philosophy (2019)

"Review of Ritualized Faith by Terence Cuneo." Religious Studies, Wiley-Blackwell (2019)

“Perception, Cognition, and Prediction” University of Notre Dame (2018) Dissertation

Recent Grants and Awards:

“Prosocial & Emotional Effects of Narratives: The Role of Perspective-taking Brain Networks" Duke University, ($26,684) 2022-2023 (co-PI) with Fernanda Pérez Gay Juarez, Samantha Fede, Rodrigo Diaz, and Laura Matthews

“Group Membership Modulation of Memory and Judgments for Morally Ambiguous Actions" Duke University, ($26,860) 2022-2023 (PI) with Ryan Daley, Cecilia Forcato, Lauren Kaczer, Marina Trakas, Laura Soter


“Mental Disorder, Religious Engagement, & Emotional Stability” | New Visions in Theological Anthropology,
($26,209) 2022-2023 (principal investigator) 
see more about this project

“Narratives of Mental Disorders in Religious Communities” | Global Health Interdisciplinary summer research
($14,600) 2022 (principal investigator) with Stephanie Pangborn
see more about this project

“Explorations of Mental Disorder, Neurodiversity, & Embodiment - and Connections with Religious
| Towsley Research Scholars grant ($58,000) 2022-2025 (principal investigator)

"Mental Disorder & Psychological Stability in Christianity” | Calvin Scholar-Teacher research grant ($17,896) 2022
(principal investigator)

“The ‘Emotional Prosperity Gospel’ and Mental Disorder” | New Visions in Theological Anthropology, University of St. Andrews, ($5,000) 2022 (principal investigator)

"Mental Disorder & Psychological Stability in Christianity” | Nyenhuis research grant ($4,900) 2022 (principal investigator with student research collaborator Cristina Chiazza)

“Transformative Narratives of Mental Disorder & Religion” | Blueprint 1543 research grant ($14,644) 2021 (principal investigator)

“Transformative Narratives of Mental Disorder & Religion” | Nyenhuis research grant ($7,488) 2021 (principal
investigator with student research collaborator Megan Jacobs)

“Symptoms of Mental Disorder & Components of Faith” | Nyenhuis research grant ($7,088) 2020 (principal investigator
with student research collaborator Emma Passaglia)

Public Philosophy:

“How to Understand Mental Disorder & Christianity”Church of the Savior, 2021

“Mental Disorder Transforms Faith” | The Analytic Christian YouTube interview, 2021


"The Power of Beliefs" Broken People blog post, 2021


"Trapped in Your Own Story" |  Broken People blog post, 2021


"Feminism & Philosophy" | She's the Man radio interview, 2021


"Hearing Different Voices" | Broken People blog post,  2021


“Key Topics in Philosophy of Mind”HASP organization, 2019


“Embodied Cognition & the Grip of Computationalism” (revise & resubmit)

“An Improved Account of Thought Insertion” (revise & resubmit)

“Identity, Narrative, and Meaning-making in Mental Disorder” (revise & resubmit)

Summer Seminars in Neuroscience & Philosophy,
Duke University
Embodied Religious Experience Workshop, Princeton University
Templeton Interfaith Workshop, Jordan
Scientiae Conference, University of Vienna, Austria
History of Philosophy of Science Conference, University of Ghent, Belgium
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